Accounting & finance software is software used by businesses to track financial statements, cash flow, invoicing, bank accounts, and purchase orders.

accurants Lifetime Deal
Accurants is the business management suite built for SMBs that helps you manage everything from time tracking to payroll and more.
ALTI TRADING Lifetime Deal
ALTI TRADING is a trading platform that offers expert training and tools you need to start making money.
Refrens Lifetime Deal
Refrens is an all-in-one platform for running your business: lead management, invoicing, accounting & payments.
Clientary Lifetime Deal
Clientary is a full-suite SMB platform that manages client relationships, invoices, payments, and a whole lot more.
Akounto Lifetime Deal
Akounto is a cloud-based accounting solution that helps you manage and simplify all your accounting processes, from invoicing to tax filing.
SubsHero Lifetime Deal
SubsHero manages your subscriptions from all the platforms under a single dashboard. No more missed subscriptions, no more late fees, no more hassle.
FixyTrade Lifetime Deal
FixyTrade is an online trading journal that helps you track, analyze, and optimize your trading goals stress-free.
InvoiceCrowd Lifetime Deal
Invoice Crowd is a cloud based invoicing, estimation and accounting software. It is designed for small to medium size businesses.


Cloud content collaboration software serve as dedicated cloud storage and file sharing solutions for documents, images, videos, spreadsheets, and other files created and used by a business.

TransferChain Lifetime Deal
TransferChain is a cloud storage solution that protects your data with blockchain, zero-knowledge encryption, and file splitting.
DocLink Lifetime Deal
DocLink is a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that revolutionizes the way we share and interact with documents online.
SFTPCloud Lifetime Deal
SFTPCloud makes it easy to create SFTP/FTPS instances that store and protect data in your preferred cloud service.
ZagDrive Lifetime Deal
ZagDrive provides secure file storage for you and your team. Store your personal files and share your business documents with your family or your team.
Sizle Lifetime Deal
Sizle is a streamlined document sharing tool used by teams in 153+ countries and the Sizle team aren't stopping on their mission to bring the best of document sharing, analytics and collaboration into one powerful dashboard.
Sendover Lifetime Deal
Sendover is the simplest and easiest way to send large files and photos software.
DocPro Lifetime Deal
DocPro saves you time and money with over 2500+ templates that are reviewed by lawyers, easily customizable to fit your needs and protect your interest.
StartHost Lifetime Deal offers superior, reliable, and affordable SSD hosting to individuals and small businesses.


Event management platforms incorporate many tools to streamline the event planning process, offering features that address multiple aspects of event management within a single product. Meeting management software assists in planning and guiding team meetings to ensure meetings are fruitful and focused.

Holacon Lifetime Deal
Holacon is an all-in-one event management platform that helps you create interactive events and boost attendee engagement.
Eventin Lifetime Deal
Eventin is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that helps you manage unlimited events and sell tickets at no extra cost.
VirtualSummits Lifetime Deal
VirtualSummits makes it easy to host big ticket virtual events without any tech experience.
ExpoSim Lifetime Deal
ExpoSim is an all-in-one solution for hosting virtual and hybrid events—packed with real-time interactive features and user analytics.
Laxis Lifetime Deal
Laxis automatically transcribes your meetings and instantly highlights key information for your team.
MonSpark Lifetime Deal
MonSpark is a web application monitoring tool that lets you track your website and app’s uptime, functionality, and content changes.
Dive Lifetime Deal
Dive is a meeting management platform that lets you run productive meetings and engage with attendees to keep projects moving forward.
Tevent Lifetime Deal
Tevent lets you host virtual events that encourage peer-to-peer networking with interactive features available at all tier levels.


HR software automates how companies conduct business with relation to employee management, training and e-learning, performance management, and recruiting and on-boarding.

Recooty Lifetime Deal
Recooty is the applicant tracking system that manages the whole hiring process, so you can find the best candidates for the job.
Humanagement Lifetime Deal
Humanagement is the ultimate solution to solve employee management for your everyday business
Interviewer.AI Lifetime Deal
Interviewer.AI is the leading AI-powered video interview software that helps businesses to recruit, screen, and hire top talent.
Inspirar Lifetime Deal
Inspirar is an employee engagement tool that fosters custom surveys, detailed analytics, and anonymous feedback, all rolled into one. Lifetime Deal is a recognition and rewards platform that can enrich your company culture and offer rewards to motivate employees.
Vollna Lifetime Deal
Vollna is an AI-based aggregator that uses Machine Learning to search for freelance projects on the top freelance sites and alert you to projects that fit your skills.
DeskCove Lifetime Deal
DeskCove employee time tracking software allows your teams to track work hours spent on every single project and task.
JobHireHub Lifetime Deal is an online remote work and project management platform that allows workers to sell their services and clients to plan, organize, hire talent and track project activities.


Internet applications can be described as the type of applications that use the internet for operating successfully, that is, by using the internet for fetching, sharing and displaying the information from the respective server systems.

BestRegards Lifetime Deal
BestRegards is an AI-powered browser extension that helps you reply to emails, reviews, comments, and other customer messages in any language.
WellyBox Lifetime Deal
WellyBox helps you find all your receipts in Gmail or Outlook automatically.
Mailman Lifetime Deal
Mailman protects you from your inbox — minimizing interruptions and making your days more productive.
minimarks Lifetime Deal
minimarks helps you collect and share your favorite articles, work tools, videos, tutorials, recipes, and anything else you discover while browsing.
Superdense Lifetime Deal
Superdense is a bookmark manager that organizes your favorite links on one compact, personalized homepage.
Vend.Email Lifetime Deal
Vend.Email helps you to get anonymous email addresses you can quickly and securely create and transfer.
ShareSimple Lifetime Deal
ShareSimple is a simple add-in for Microsoft Outlook that makes it secure to send and receive sensitive data via email.
Marqly Lifetime Deal
Marqly makes it a breeze to save, customize, and manage all your bookmarks and texts online.


Productivity software improves how companies communicate, organize information and projects, and develop ideas. These tools provide structure to tasks and improve employee efficiency.

Clientjoy Lifetime Deal
Clientjoy is an all-in-one CRM Solution and Growth Engine for Freelancers & Businesses to manage Leads, Proposals, Clients, Invoicing & Revenues in one place.
FUSEBASE (formerly Nimbus Note) Lifetime Deal
FUSEBASE (formerly Nimbus Note) is a client collaboration platform that lets you build workflows that organize your team and boost client retention and satisfaction.
Boardmix Lifetime Deal
Boardmix is an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard that helps teams express their ideas visually for better communication and productivity.
Kuasa Lifetime Deal
Kuasa is an all-in-one CRM that helps you automate sales funnels and outreach campaigns across email, WhatsApp, and SMS.
ClientManager Lifetime Deal
ClientManager lets you onboard and manage clients with template builders and project management tools.
Comigo Lifetime Deal
Comigo is a cognitive AI Assistant that can turn brain dumps into actionable tasks, increase overall focus, and provide mentorship.
Freedcamp Lifetime Deal
Freedcamp is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate effectively and complete projects in a fraction of the time.
Any.Do Lifetime Deal
Any.Do is a simple project management tool that helps you manage tasks, organize projects, and collaborate with your team.


Security software can protect a system from viruses, malware, unauthorized users, and other security exploits originating from the Internet.

GetTerms Lifetime Deal
GetTerms is a privacy, terms, and cookie policy generator that lets you create custom, straightforward policies to keep your website and apps fully compliant.
EverestBackup Lifetime Deal
EverestBackup is a robust plugin that revolutionizes website management through advanced backup, restoration, migration, and cloning capabilities.
Guardey Lifetime Deal
Guardey is a plug-and-play cybersecurity solution that offers a business VPN, monitors data risks, and provides cyber awareness training.
Cyberangels Lifetime Deal
Cyberangels is an all-in-one cybersecurity and compliance solution that lets SMBs protect their digital assets from threats.
Zendata Lifetime Deal
Zendata is an automated data privacy solution that helps you monitor your data flow and keep it secure across your entire stack.
GOOSE VPN Lifetime Deal
GOOSE VPN is a secure VPN service that lets you browse the internet anonymously while protecting your data.
illow Lifetime Deal
Illow is a cookie banner that makes your website compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and data-privacy regulations in just a few minutes.
MojoAuth Lifetime Deal
MojoAuth is an authentication solution that enables passwordless logins on your site or mobile app with a few lines of code.


Website monitoring software facilitates the monitoring, testing, alerting, and reporting of website downtime, speed, health, and reliability. Social media monitoring software provides functionality for listening, tracking, and gathering relevant content across wide ranges of social media.

Pinghome Lifetime Deal
Pinghome is an uptime monitoring and incident management platform that helps online businesses stay online.
OneUptime Lifetime Deal
OneUptime is an open-source observability platform that lets you monitor your site and alert users with customizable status pages.
MonSpark Lifetime Deal
MonSpark is a web application monitoring tool that lets you track your website and app’s uptime, functionality, and content changes.
Pagescreen Lifetime Deal
Pagescreen is an automatic site monitor that lets you capture, compare, and archive visual changes to any website over time.
Uptimia Lifetime Deal
Uptimia is a website monitoring tool that tracks your site’s uptime, speed, and performance with instant alerts about any site issues.
InsecureWeb Lifetime Deal
InsecureWeb is a digital attack surface platform that keeps an eye on the bad guys operating in shady places like black market sites, P2P networks, hidden chat rooms, botnets and private websites.
iLert Lifetime Deal
iLert is a platform that helps increase your site's uptime with alerts, on-call management, status pages, and uptime monitoring.
Domain Monitor Lifetime Deal
Domain Monitor is the all-in-one domain & website monitoring tool.

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