Application development platforms give developers a single environment that has all of the tools developers need to create software applications. Some platforms handle a variety of different application types (e.g., mobile, embedded, etc.) while others focus on a specific use case.

PubCoder Lifetime Deal
PubCoder lets you create interactive digital content to publish as native apps for iOS and Android, as well as in ebooks and on HTML5.
Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal
Appily App Builder is a no-code app development platform that offers real-time updates, push notifications, analytics, and white-labeling.
Twinr Lifetime Deal
Twinr’s mobile app builder enables you to create high-quality, customizable apps without writing a single line of code.
Mobilzer Lifetime Deal
Mobilzer is a no-code app builder that makes it easy to launch mobile apps for iPhones and Androids, so you can sell online instantly.
Nami Lifetime Deal
Nami is an app monetization platform that lets you build no-code paywalls and offer both in-app purchases and subscriptions to your users.
Buzzy Lifetime Deal
Buzzy helps you create a live, working app directly in Figma - no coding needed!
Beezer Lifetime Deal
Beezer is a DIY app creation platform that makes it easy to build, distribute, and manage no-code progressive web apps for user engagement and customer conversion.
Fireapis Lifetime Deal
Fireapis is a no-code backend platform that lets you build APIs, webhooks, and third-party API integrations in way less time.


E-commerce software enables users to easily manage the numerous components of the online sales process for the benefit of the consumer.

Scopa Lifetime Deal
Scopa lets you add shoppable tags for multiple products on website images, helping drive traffic to product pages and boost conversions.
Shopiroller Lifetime Deal
Shopiroller is a no-code platform that lets you manage ecommerce stores via web, mobile, and other popular sales channels.
SearchIQ Lifetime Deal
SearchIQ provides a comprehensive search experience for your website and allows you to understand your users better with real-time analytics.
Shopobill Lifetime Deal
Shopobill has everything you need to start running your promotions fast, running them efficiently, and saving you time and money along the way.
SalesUltimo Lifetime Deal
SalesUltimo is the ultimate drag-and-drop visual flow builder, AI-powered chatbot, and all-in-one eCommerce, sales, and social media marketing cloud-based software.
Banaa Lifetime Deal
Banaa helps you build a website without knowing how to code and add an e-store with cart platform to your existing website on a different webstack.
Simpliworks Lifetime Deal
Simpliworks is a one-click Amazon campaign builder that helps you launch agency-level PPC campaigns on autopilot.
YayMail Lifetime Deal
YayMail by YayCommerce is a code-free email framework for WooCommerce that lets you customize transactional and marketing email templates.


Cloud data integration software allows businesses to manage, cleanse, and integrate data from a web-based application. Work automation software uses rule-based logic to automate manual work, like data entry and lead nurturing.

QuickScraper Lifetime Deal
QuickScraper handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can scrape data from any webpage with a simple API call.
Oarkflow Lifetime Deal
Oarkflow is a platform to allow the user to design and develop a business logic and flow. Users can use different operations to design the flow. While creating the flow they can use their own service provider.
Albato Lifetime Deal
Albato is a no-code platform that lets you integrate cloud services and build custom automations to simplify your workflow.
Browse AI Lifetime Deal
Browse AI is a no-code, cloud-based web automation software that extracts and monitors structured data from any site.
Cenit IO Lifetime Deal
Cenit IO is an open-source integration platform that lets you connect your tech stack to build automations and speed up workflows.
DijiBot Lifetime Deal
DijiBot is a website crawler that allows you to download the content of sites using the WordPress infrastructure as a file.
RocketScrape Lifetime Deal
RocketScrape API helps scrape HTML or JSON from any page just in the single API request.
Table Capture Lifetime Deal
Table Capture is a cross-platform browser extension that gives you the ability to easily capture tabular data in websites for use in a spreadsheet.


Learning management systems (LMSs) are platforms designed to help instructors manage educational coursework online. They provide educators with a single platform for making course material accessible online, including lesson content, assignments, and assessments.

GoSkill LMS Lifetime Deal
GoSkill LMS is an online learning management system with a pile of features that helps you to run your online education business easily.
Ubindi Lifetime Deal
Ubindi is a simple all-in-one admin solution for independent instructors and small schools & studios.
TIQ Software Lifetime Deal
TIQ Software lets you build interactive training experiences to educate your teams on the products and services they need to sell.
upcoach Lifetime Deal
Upcoach is a modern transformation platform that lets you build and manage your coaching program with courses, chat, meetings, and tasks.
ProductDyno Lifetime Deal
ProductDyno is a content delivery platform that helps you create and sell memberships, video courses, and digital products.
Senseily Lifetime Deal
Senseily is a web platform that allows you to easily create and sell online courses, coaching services and webinars while managing your audience from one single place.
Learnyst Lifetime Deal
Learnyst lets you securely create, market, and sell courses on your website or a branded app—without any additional transaction fees.
Further Lifetime Deal
Further is the solution that turns informal learning and daily learning into a trackable dataset.


A URL shortener is a website that creates abbreviated versions of web addresses, called shortlinks. Link in bio tools allow you to link to more pages and content in your micro landing pages.

OSlash Lifetime Deal
OSlash is a tool that turns long URLs into shortcuts and integrates with key software to let teams instantly share info across their workspace.
Sniply Lifetime Deal
Sniply is a powerful link shortener that lets you add CTAs to webpages, including content from other websites.
Linkila Lifetime Deal
Linkila allows you to create and manage branded short URL that dynamically routes visitors based on their features and get insightful analytics.
LinkTube Lifetime Deal
LinkTube lets you build a smartpage to host all your links and track performance, right from your mobile phone.
u.Page Lifetime Deal
u.Page is the better tool for creating a bio landing page that has YOUR face or YOUR brand on it.
Znaplink Lifetime Deal
Znaplink is a social media management tool that gives you a single page to share social links, display content, and capture email leads. Lifetime Deal is a URL shortener built with server-less technology to help you grow without the looming concern of downtime or click limits.
Dope.Link Lifetime Deal
Dope.Link makes it easier than ever to collect money, emails, and more from your audience.


Web design software provides users the tools to create, edit, and update websites & web pages. Landing page builders enable non-technical users to deploy web pages designed to drive visitors to a specific conversion goal.

LocalPress Lifetime Deal
LocalPress is a complete WordPress Theme built for creating websites for Local Business without any hassle.
SupaPass Lifetime Deal
SupaPass lets you build no-code sites to manage digital content, set up paywalls, and grow a community in one place.
WP Scheduled Posts Lifetime Deal
WP Scheduled Posts plugin is an editorial calendar tool that helps to streamline your content strategy and optimize productivity for your WordPress website.
Simple Social Buttons Lifetime Deal
Simple Social Buttons Pro is a Wordpress plugin that lets you customize the design and display of social media buttons on your website.
Wp Social Lifetime Deal
Wp Social is a WordPress plugin that lets you add social logins, counters, and share buttons of different styles to your website.
Minerva Lifetime Deal
Minerva makes it easier than ever to create a self-serve knowledge base users can access directly within your SaaS product.
Dewstack Lifetime Deal
Dewstack helps you build and host any type of self-serve documentation on your own domain—without any coding.
RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal
RabbitLoader is a WordPress plugin that reduces website load times using content minification, lazy loading, and CDN caching.

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