E-mail marketing software helps marketers send a commercial message to a group of people via email. Users can build and manage opt-in email lists, segment those lists to target email sends, and manage unsubscribes or subscriber responses.

Enalito Lifetime Deal
Enalito is an AI-driven marketing platform that lets you segment and personalize email campaigns to grow and retain your customer base.
Constant Contact 5-Year Deal
Constant Contact is an award-winning digital marketing solution that helps any business attract new customers and boost sales.
tinyEmail Lifetime Deal
TinyEmail is an email marketing solution that lets you send interactive, laser-targeted emails to help your brand grow fast.
Jellyreach Lifetime Deal
Jellyreach is a user-friendly email and SMS marketing software that allows you to send personalized, automated messages.
Modules Composer Lifetime Deal
Modules Composer is one of the easiest email builders to use for email design production.
Selzy Lifetime Deal
Selzy is an intelligent email marketing platform that optimizes your email campaigns to improve deliverability.
EasySendy Lifetime Deal
EasySendy is a hybrid email marketing tool for marketers to send and deliver high-end email campaigns to drive 3X ROI.
ReachOut.AI Lifetime Deal
ReachOut.AI is an AI-powered platform that auto-generates personalized one-on-one videos that allow you to engage with prospects at scale.


Sales engagement software streamlines the sales process through integrations with sales communication channels and tools, management of sales messaging and materials, and automation of tasks, messages and workflows.

Hexospark Lifetime Deal
Hexospark is an email and CRM platform that lets you send personalized, 1:1 outreach emails to leads at scale with a unified inbox.
AtmosAI CRM Lifetime Deal
AtmosAI CRM is a no-code CRM that’s totally customizable and built to connect sales, marketing, invoicing, and the customer experience.
Breakcold Lifetime Deal
Breakcold is a sales CRM that helps you build and nurture B2B relationships through LinkedIn, Twitter, and email in one place.
DealLab Lifetime Deal
DealLab consolidates entire deals into one collaborative platform while streamlining communication.
Mystrika Lifetime Deal
Mystrika is the ultimate AI-powered sales acceleration system. Maximize your sales potential with Mystrika - more replies, more revenue, less effort!
Closely Lifetime Deal
Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn with dedicated residential proxies. Put outreach activities on autopilot so you can focus on what matters the most — closing deals.
SalesRobot Lifetime Deal
SalesRobot is an automation tool that helps you launch multiple LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns.
Boxward Lifetime Deal
Boxward is an email warmup tool that helps you land in inboxes and stay out of spam folders, so you can close more sales.


SMS marketing software, also known as business text messaging software, enables companies to plan and implement marketing campaigns that target mobile devices via SMS (Short Message Service).

Jellyreach Lifetime Deal
Jellyreach is a user-friendly email and SMS marketing software that allows you to send personalized, automated messages.
SMSegress Lifetime Deal
SMSegress helps you chedule and send multiple SMS using Android as a gateway and WhatsApp messages at once.
Hushed Lifetime Deal
Hushed offeres consumers affordable private phone number solutions with fully equipped talk and text capabilities.
RockstarSMS Lifetime Deal
RockstarSMS is an easy-to-use text marketing platform designed for people who want an easy way to share their message with the world
SalesUltimo Lifetime Deal
SalesUltimo is the ultimate drag-and-drop visual flow builder, AI-powered chatbot, and all-in-one eCommerce, sales, and social media marketing cloud-based software.
MsgsHQ Lifetime Deal
MsgsHQ is the call center software you need for your customer-centric teams right from day 0.
Mobile Text Alerts Lifetime Deal
Mobile Text Alerts is an SMS marketing tool that lets you launch and manage bulk text message campaigns easily and effectively.
MarketingMaster.IO Lifetime Deal
Marketing Master IO is an online marketing suite that allows you to create high-converting eCommerce stores, add chatbot marketing, build email & SMS campaigns, and social media automation.


Social media marketing software provides functionality to administer social media accounts, schedule posts, suggest content, and boost posts.

BrandVox Lifetime Deal
BrandVox is a social intelligence tool that offers in-depth competitor tracking, insights, and analytics to optimize your social media strategy.
Creatosaurus Lifetime Deal
Creatosaurus is an all-in-one social media toolkit that lets you curate ideas, design graphics, write AI content, schedule posts, and more.
POSTOPLAN Lifetime Deal
POSTOPLAN is a smart social network marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule, and promote content.
Creasquare Lifetime Deal
Creasquare is an AI-powered software that makes it easy to create and schedule content across all your social media platforms.
Curatora Lifetime Deal
Curatora is a content curation platform that lets you discover and share highly-relevant content across your social media accounts.
Sposter Lifetime Deal
Sposter is an artificial intelligence-based system for creating and publishing content on social networks.
Circleboom Publish Lifetime Deal
Circleboom Publish is a social media management platform that lets you curate, design, schedule, and automate posting content in one place.
HashtagsForLikes Lifetime Deal
HashtagsForLikes is a game-changing tool that combines hashtags and analytics to help you build better campaigns for social media.


Video conferencing software enables online communication for audio meetings, video meetings, and seminars, with built-in features such as chat, screen sharing, and recording. Live stream software allows users to present a live feed hosted over the internet, on a designated platform or website.

RECnGO Lifetime Deal
RECnGO is a pro livestream and recording studio app that lets you create multi-camera videos with iOS, Android, MacOS, and MILC devices.
GoBrunch Lifetime Deal
GoBrunch is a versatile webinar platform with a unique interface that provides more engagement and higher value for virtual attendees.
Livewebinar Lifetime Deal
LiveWebinar is the single platform for all your webinar needs, from live and evergreen webinars to online meetings and big virtual events.
Butter Lifetime Deal
Butter is a video conferencing platform that lets you plan, host, and recap dynamic meetings people actually want to attend.
Cloudpresenter Lifetime Deal
Cloudpresenter is an all-in-one video conferencing platform for remote meetings, online courses, and virtual events.
CastNest Lifetime Deal
CastNest is a video platform that makes it easy to share and monetize your livestreams or recorded content everywhere.
StreamAlive Lifetime Deal
StreamAlive is an audience engagement platform that helps you plan, run, and analyze live events.
CrankWheel Lifetime Deal
CrankWheel lets you instantly share your screen to any device or browser, without any downloads or setup required.

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