Descriptive analytics software

Descriptive analytics (business intelligence) software provides a tool set for businesses to absorb, organize, discover, and analyze data to reveal actionable insights that can help improve decision-making and inform business strategy.

Predictive analytics software

Predictive analytics software mines and analyzes historical data patterns to predict future outcomes by extracting information from data sets to determine patterns and trends.

Publytics gives you accurate, real-time metrics about your web traffic on an intuitive layout, all without violating any privacy laws.
Kissmetrics is an ecommerce and SaaS analytics platform that lets you track customer behavior to increase conversions and revenue.
SessionRewind tracks website traffic, analyzes user behavior, and monitors performance to improve your website’s user experience.
Reportz is an intuitive, fully customizable KPI-based reporting tool that pulls real-time data from all your marketing channels.
SheetMagic is a powerful tool that brings the power of ChatGPT right into Google Sheets.
Howuku Optimize is a CRO platform that helps you launch simplified tests and deploy live variants on your website.
AgencyEasy is a white-label digital marketing platform that helps agencies automate client reports and streamline data retrieval tasks.
Plerdy is a multifunctional tool that offers heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and more to analyze user behavior and improve site design. uses AI to convert plain English into formulas and programming languages, so you can analyze data without any coding experience.
Salespanel helps B2B businesses track customer journeys, analyze site traffic, and identify qualified leads using first-party data.
Analyzati lets you get website insights without compromising users' privacy.
Hubalz helps you get all the insights you need to make better decisions, faster.
Sweephy is a no-code data cleaning and preparing software. Don't waste your time by coding to clean and analyze company data!
AskEdith is an AI English-to-SQL translator that empowers anyone to work with CSV, Google Sheets, Airtable, and SQL databases.
StationDB’s no-code admin panel lets you connect to any database and manage records without writing a single query.
SimpleX is an AI-powered smart console that helps you quickly analyze and sort text data, without coding.
Cogniflow gives you the tools to build any AI model from text, audio, or images without writing a single line of code.
Geeklab makes it easy to optimize your app listing and boost installs with A/B testing, surveys, and page analytics.
NoLimit is built to improve social media campaigns with tools for content performance, competitor analysis, hashtag tracking, and more.
Pivony is a no-code and AI-powered platform that can analyze human conversations fast and accurately.
Lebesgue: Smarter Marketing analyzes marketing data and generates actionable insights, so you can build better marketing strategies.
Columns is a simple and fast one-stop-shop that makes data storytelling much easier, from your browser.
Kimola Cognitive is a no-code machine learning tool that gathers, analyzes, and classifies customer feedback to help you grow your brand.
Markettailor helps you create data-driven landing pages for B2B leads with audience segmentation, conversion tracking, and A/B testing.
IO Technologies is a web-analytics platform that measures article engagement and traffic data in real time.
AfterClick gives you the whole picture of what's happening after user clicks on your website.
HeatMapz allows you to spy on your website traffic and find "hot spotz" in your ad copy to shift your best content in the right area.
Digivizer is a full-scale analytics platform that delivers real-time insights across all your social, search, and web channels to inform your digital marketing.
LiveDocs lets you bring live data from your existing tools (like Stripe, Google Analytics, Segment) into your documents, so anybody on your team can track vital metrics like retention, MRR, web traffic, etc in under 90 seconds.
EyeValuate is a design optimization platform that combines predictive eye-tracking, a behavioral science-based scoring system, and feedback from our expert panel of marketers.
Hybiscus is a developer-friendly API that lets you easily create high-quality, branded PDF reports without any design skills.
Weberlo is an intelligent sales attribution platform that helps you monetise traffic.
Klassifier is a no-code platform that will provide solutions out of extensive raw data. You can carry out all the programs without having a team of data scientists for your business.
Sheetgo lets you automate your data management with custom workflows that connect tools like Google Docs and Gmail.
Two Minute Reports is a self-service analytics platform that helps you monitor campaigns and explore real-time insights through interactive reports.
Analytify is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you an in-depth view of your site visitors.
ThoughtMetric integrates with the largest e-commerce and marketing platforms so you can easily connect data, track ads, and analyze performance.
Draxlr is a data analytics tool that helps you deep dive into SQL data insights as you scale—all without coding.
SheetChart is a reporting tool built for small businesses, with core dashboards that fully integrate with Google Sheets and track your essential business performance metrics.
Logic Sheet is a data-processing add-on for Google Sheets that lets you do all kinds of data processing tasks with one click right in your Google Sheet.
Sparrow is the fastest way to put together your social media client performance reports, leaving you with more time to do the actual marketing work.
Trend Watchers notifies content creators about internet trends across 30+ categories & shows them how to profit off them by using our Viral Video Maker.
Keylitic collects product keyword data from across the web and only shows you what your customers want most right now.
Branalyzer is the AI-based all-in-one tool that allows obtaining detailed information on brands.
Brieferr is an automated feedback analysis platform that measures user sentiment and generates actionable insights from open-ended responses.
SaturnOne is the "one" tool needed to give you deep and actionable insight on your best and worst customer journeys... and everything in between.
BitRook is the AI desktop app which helps you clean your data and generate code.
HockeyStack is a fast and easy-to-understand web analytics tool that allows you to track all actions and get actionable insights with 30-second integration.
Crystal Ball is a predictive marketing tool that empowers your marketing strategy with deeper insights from automatically annotated data analytics.
Spyvio is a simple and easy to use spy tool that discovers profitable Emails, Ads, and Funnels from your competitors and uncovers the strategies used by them for their success in the business.
API Spreadsheets is a suite of developer tools that lets you build spreadsheet importing, reading, reporting, and other complex capabilities in your applications.
DataMyth is a SaaS-based tool that builds reports with graphs, data, & analysis within seconds for digital channels like Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.
Jepto is a digital assistant that uses machine learning to spot anomalies, get insights and forecasts, and automate repetitive data-monitoring tasks.
Airboxr is a Google Sheets add-on that lets you seamlessly connect to all your data sources.
Deep Talk allows you to transform your company’s text like chats, surveys, and emails into valuable data, so you can improve customer success, sales, and AI bots. is a predictive eye-tracking platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict which parts of a design will best grab customers’ attention.
Putler is a multichannel analytics tool that consolidates data and provides reports on sales, customers, products, visitors, and subscriptions.
Oviond is a customizable digital platform that combines and organizes all of your marketing data into useful insights and automated reports.
KPIBees is a Google Sheets add-on that makes it simple to automatically pull data to spreadsheets in just a few clicks.
Heybooster is a marketing tool for tracking ecommerce strategy channels with daily audits and next-step alerts, powered by AI.
TruConversion is an easy-to-use funnel tracking and optimization tool that offers heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics to help you craft your best strategies.
Chartmat lets you build dashboards, apps, and forms using real-time data from Google Sheets. enables startups & SMBs to train, deploy and host state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms without code, instantly.

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