Build Apps and Dashboards from Google Sheet

Track and visualize transactions, inventory, sales or anything else.

All in minutes and without writing a single line of code.

Build anything you want in minutes

Combine our blocks and build something which fits you perfectly


Use forms to easily add data to your spreadsheet


Use charts to display and visualize data


Use tables to display only specific data


Use grids to display images, text and buttons

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Mobile first

Each dashboard can be installed on your phone and will look and feel like a native app

Synced with private sheets

Own your data. Even if you decide to leave you will keep all your data in your Google Sheet


Manage user permissions separately for each workspace. Share them with clients and team mates

Truly customizable

Customize anything. Make Chartmat truly yours by matching your brand colors

Custom calculations

Calculate automatically averages, growth rates, sums and more

Powerful filters

Filter specific points in time or a selected category


Tier 1


1 workspace

5 users per workspace

Tier 2


3 workspaces

15 users per workspace

Tier 3


10 workspaces

Unlimited users per workspace

Tier 3


20 workspaces

Unlimited users per workspace



100 workspaces

Unlimited users per workspace


Chartmat lets you build dashboards, apps, and forms using real-time data from Google Sheets.
  • Build apps on top of data from Google Sheets and create browser dashboards that update in real-time without code
  • Alternative to: GlideApps
  • Structure your dashboards in sections and build forms for entering new data via your web browser
  • Best for: Agencies, data-driven teams, and Google Sheets power users that want to build apps and dashboards without coding


Custom domains

You can write data back to spreadsheets, upload pdf files and more.


No API access

No Pabbly Connect integration 


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