Feedback management software allows companies to solicit and manage feedback and data from their customers in a centralized location.
Announceway is the perfect tool for any business looking to release product changes, show product roadmaps, and collect customer ideas.
Calido is a product management platform that simplifies product development with intelligent roadmaps, custom shared views, and an open data model.
FeedBear helps you listen to your customers, collect ideas and feature requests, prioritize them and then keep customers in the loop.
Frill is a tool that allows you to gather customer feedback, integrate customer ideas into your roadmap, and make feature announcements.
Leanbe is a platform that helps you collect user feedback, make a data-driven product roadmap, and announce product updates.
LoopedIn is an all-in-one solution for collecting customer ideas, building roadmaps, sharing announcements, and managing feedback.
ProductLift helps product & marketing teams prioritize the roadmap in real-time with live user feedback, create changelogs, share the roadmap, and see an overview of everything that has been developed so far.
Upfeed is a user feedback tool that helps companies understand their customers’ needs in order to prioritize product development.


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