Advertiser campaign management software is used by advertisers to buy, manage, and track ads online.

Growify is an AI-powered marketing platform that helps you optimize and scale ad spend across Meta and Google campaigns.
Adnova helps you find ad inspiration and track your competitors’ strategies to create winning creatives in record time.
Xamtac is an AI marketing department ERP system that helps companies walk through their data, asset generation, organization, planning, and launching of paid campaigns, social media, and emails.
Zocket can manage Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad campaigns using powerful AI tools to help you save time and money.
Communion is a cross-channel marketing command center that helps you optimize ad performance in real time.
EDEE is a digital marketing budget management platform that helps you create custom budget cycles and monitor paid ad campaigns.
Storiad is a book marketing platform designed to help authors promote their books more effectively.
Kepla is a digital advertising tool that helps you create, manage, and monitor your ads, so you can focus on growing your business.
PPCReveal is a competition intelligence platform that helps agencies and teams analyze their competitor’s Google Ads.
BannerBoo is the simplest way to create, manage, and publish animated ads for social media and ad platforms, all without any coding.
Adsbot is a marketing platform that optimizes your Google Ads campaign to lower ad spend and boost conversions.
Plai is an ad tool designed for small teams and creators to launch targeted ads in just seconds—no experience required.
Shown is an AI-powered advertising platform that automates the creation and management of ad campaigns across major platforms.
CampaignHero enables small businesses to generate inbound leads and grow through easily set up marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads.
FraudBlocker is a powerful tool that helps you prevent bots, accidental clicks, and other fraud from tanking your Google Ads.
Adline is an easy-to-use advertising and analytics tool that lets you manage your ads and increase ROI with optimization algorithms.
SocialCloser is an AI-powered Facebook lead engagement and management tool that automatically prioritizes leads while lowering ad costs.
Simpliworks is a one-click Amazon campaign builder that helps you launch agency-level PPC campaigns on autopilot.
ADCostly is an advertising cost analysis platform that allows advertisers, marketers, and agencies to analyze the cost based on their chosen audiences, industries, and ads type. It provides everything you need to optimize Facebook ads.
ADYOUNEED is a social media and search ad platform where you can create and optimize ads in minutes while automating your ad processes.
Markopolo uses AI to generate social copy, identify target audiences, and schedule cross-platform social media and search ad campaigns.
Balloonary is an AI-powered ad platform that automatically generates digital ads across multiple platforms based on your web copy.
Pencil is a creative AI platform that lets you generate successful ecommerce ads from your existing branding, assets, and ad account data.
Adzooma is a platform that allows you to quickly and easily manage reporting for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads.
AiHello AutoPilot is Amazon ads automation to grow your revenues, reduce work spent on ads management, and decrease your ad costs for Amazon sellers.
Crigloo is an AI-powered omnichannel advertising platform that helps you optimize and execute flawless ad campaigns.
AdTargeting is an online software which provides audience insight, keywords analysis, and advertisers analysis.
Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ads management platform that lets you launch and scale campaigns across multiple accounts with customizable monitoring tools.
SpeedPPC is a pay-per-click campaign builder that helps you create hyper-targeted ad campaigns that actually convert.
Adriel is a platform that connects all your paid marketing channel data into one dashboard with tools to monitor, manage, and optimize performance.

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