Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Track, analyze, and convert your visitors into buyers


All clicks on the website are recorded and displayed in real-time.

SEO checker

Continuously collect important SEO tags from your website.

Session Replay

Understand how your visitors behave on the website.

Event Tracking

Quickly synchronize all events with Google Analytics.

Pop-Up Forms

Quick customisation of versatile popup forms

Sales Performance

Each item on the site page is assigned purchase information.

Conversion Funnel

See where website visitors drop off, what pages they ignore.

Net Promoter Score

Are you looking for an excellent way to collect feedback?


1 code


3 websites

25,000 pageviews per day (total)

1,000 video sessions (total)

active forms, NPS, or reviews

5,000 SEO site audit, pages per day

5,000 pages from the Google Search Console per month

2 codes


6 websites

50,000 pageviews per day (total)

2,000 video sessions (total)

10 active forms, NPS, or reviews

10,000 SEO site audit, pages per day

10,000 pages from the Google Search Console per month

3 codes


10 websites

75,000 pageviews per day (total)

4,000 video sessions (total)

15 active forms, NPS, or reviews

15,000 SEO site audit, pages per day

15,000 pages from the Google Search Console per month

4 codes


13 websites

100,000 pageviews per day (total)

5,000 video sessions (total)

20 active forms, NPS, or reviews

20,000 SEO site audit, pages per day

20,000 pages from the Google Search Console per month

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  • Track user behavior with key metrics like clicks, traffic type, and device
  • Alternative to: Hotjar
  • Use heatmaps and UX/SEO analytics to make informed decisions for optimizing your website
  • Best for: SEO agencies, UX specialists, and web designers looking for user-driven data to level up their sites and boost sales


The tracking code of Plerdy is straightforward to install (it only takes 30 seconds).


Limited websites.


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