AppSumo is a daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services. AppSumo was founded in March 2010 by Serial online entrepreneur Noah Kagan.
AppSumo deals exclusively with digitally distributed goods. The deals include application software (apps), e-books, learning courses, and other packages. Many of the site's deals are aimed towards productivity products and website tools, such as AI writing, email marketing, or project management apps.
FlexiDomain is a white-label tool that lets you or your customers add multiple custom domains to your application.
TubeSift is a YouTube advertising tool that helps you build highly targeted YouTube audiences in minutes.
Findr is a privacy-first, AI search engine that integrates with company apps, without downloading or indexing your data.
Meiro is an AI builder that can make unlimited quizzes and tests to generate leads, boost engagement, and build brand awareness.
Zebracat is a platform that turns text prompts into marketing videos that combine AI visuals, custom footage, and engaging audio. is a no-code dashboard builder that lets you monitor multiple websites and apps using live screenshots.
Uxer is a computer vision-based test automation and RPA tool designed to automate repetitive tasks so you can get more done.
VideoTap is an AI tool that can turn your full-length videos into shareable clips, text posts, and more for social media.
Ethicsign is a document signing platform with flexible options to collect, manage, and secure signatures in bulk.
Poper is an AI pop-up builder that personalizes, optimizes, and automates pop-ups for maximum engagement and conversions.
Flipner is a voice-to-text app that helps you write articles faster so you can create content at scale.
Remo is an event platform that lets you host immersive virtual events that drive engagement, foster real connections, and boost revenue. makes it super easy & fast to create an amazing Help Center site, on your own domain, using Notion as CMS for articles.
FlyWP is a docker-powered WordPress server management platform that can manage sites on any cloud or custom server.
Satellitor is a smart blogging assistant that can automatically create, manage, and optimize blog posts to boost your site traffic.
Kudra is an AI platform that can analyze and extract info from any document, like contracts, bank statements, invoices, and reports.
BackupBliss is a WordPress plugin that lets you manage backups and migrations while protecting your sites.
Urals is a microsite builder packed with customizable templates and reusable blocks that help you drive cross-platform traffic.
CX Genie is your Virtual Agent that merges AI & Your Support Team to deliver faster, more consistent and tailored customer experience.
Wondr AI is an AI platform that automatically creates print-on-demand products, social media posts, and marketplace listings.
Crowd is an all-in-one user research and feedback platform that helps you understand your users and drive growth.
CYTRIO is a platform that helps you comply with global data privacy laws, including cookie consent and preference management.
Stunning is an AI-powered website builder that helps you create websites, along with ads, social posts, and SEO blogs.
WP Security Ninja is a plugin that secures your WordPress site with firewall protection, malware scanning, and more.
BreezeDoc is a document-signing solution that makes it easy for you to collect signatures on contracts and agreements.
Corefactors is a CRM platform that uses powerful automation and insights to streamline the lead journey and accelerate revenue growth.
Email Meter is an email analytics platform that provides critical KPIs to maximize productivity for Gmail users.
Kuasar is an AI tool that can analyze thousands of videos on social media and pull insights for your marketing.
Klevere is an AI-powered workforce platform that helps you get more done without hiring more staff.
BrainCert is the unified training platform that lets you sell online courses, along with bundles, assessments, live classes, and shippable products.
vidBoard lets you create captivating presenter videos with avatars, voices, and scripts tailored to your brand.
Blogify is the ultimate solution for YouTubers/Creators/Podcasters looking to generate written content without the time-consuming process of writing blog posts.
NytroSEO is an AI-powered SEO tool that automatically generates and optimizes meta tags for your website.
Finmei is an invoicing platform that lets you create invoices and easily manage all your business accounts from one place.
ChargeKeep is a platform that lets you sell one-time and recurring membership payments to streamline your checkout process.
PerceptPixel is a full-stack image management, storage, and content delivery network (CDN) that helps you create web-optimized images.
KickoffLabs is a platform that helps you launch viral giveaways, referral programs, or product launches.
Varolio is an AI-powered inbox packed with automations that help busy people save hours every week.
Conduit helps you connect and analyze business data, translating it all into meaningful insights that drive growth.
Dropboard is a hiring platform that makes it easy to embed jobs, build custom forms, and assess candidates.
ProductScope helps business owners and marketers transform ordinary product images into visually stunning scenes.
BleachCyber is a cyber security platform designed for startups and small businesses that simplifies compliance and security.
Hipclip is an AI-powered video editor that lets you trim, caption, and repurpose audio or video files.
Jestor helps you build internal tools for your business using over 200 native, no-code automations and integrations.
Pixso integrates UI/UX design, digital whiteboards, and AI elements to help your team collaborate on prototypes and products.
SalesBlink is an AI-powered outreach tool that lets you generate and send cold emails that land directly in your lead’s inbox.
MeetSidekick is a productivity browser that keeps distractions away and protects your privacy online, to speed up your workflow.
Marky is an AI-powered tool that lets you automate social media marketing, content creation, and scheduling.
Alvanda is a business management platform that helps teams collaborate, streamline processes, and align with strategic goals.
SEO Content Machine combines scraping tools with AI to automate dynamic prompts and generate high-ranking content that drives site traffic.
Katalist is an AI-powered platform that turns scripts into visual stories without complicated prompts.
Socially is a community-building platform where creators and businesses can monetize content, sell memberships, host events, and more.
Lerno is an AI customer intelligence platform that turns customer interactions into actionable insights that drive conversions.
PouncerAI is an AI-powered tool that helps you find, apply, and land more jobs on Upwork.
SimpleBase is a complete Help Desk with a fantastic Inbox experience and powerful email capabilities. Resolve customer tickets, collaborate with colleagues, and analyze crucial business metrics.
GAJIX is a powerful AI learning assistant that helps you fully understand any subject.
QuizCube is the easiest way to create AI generated quizzes. Start simply by uploading documents, entering text, or pasting URLs to create an AI-powered quiz in a breeze.
DrLambda is an AI agent to help people create professional contents, including slides and social posts.
Videomagic helps you generate videos of products & services that reduces user's buying journey for under $5 & 5 minutes.
VidChapter is a ground-breaking tool that uses advanced AI technology to generate timestamped chapters for your YouTube and Vimeo videos.
SimplyStatic is a WordPress plugin that converts WordPress sites into static sites, ensuring faster loading times and enhanced security.
Rankify is a platform that writes human-friendly articles, blogs, and case studies that can pass AI detectors.
KeywordGap is an AI-powered suite to identify keyword disparities & generate content to eliminate these gaps.
Xound is a secure platform that uses AI voice enhancement and local processing to capture crystal-clear audio.
Zocket can manage Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad campaigns using powerful AI tools to help you save time and money.
Grawt is a lead generation platform that lets you create lead journeys, automate workflows, and track each step of your sales funnel.
SellMeThisPen is the AI sales coach that uses role-play, note-taking, and real-time assistance to help you close more deals.
Alta is an AI writing tool that lets you generate high-quality content on an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
Climbo is a software platform that enables businesses to make the most of the power of online reviews. helps you elevate your podcast post-production process with AI-generated titles, descriptions, and show notes.
Minvo is an AI tool that turns your long-form videos into clips and lets you post them across popular social platforms.
Beep is a feedback annotation tool that lets you leave comments on any website and turn them into tasks for your team.
Webstudio is an open-source, no-code builder that lets you create websites with high performance, reliability, and scale.
Billed lets you streamline financial processes like client invoicing, expense tracking, and project management to get paid faster.
ShipFast is a Next.js boilerplate designed to help you launch your SaaS, AI tool, or web app, so you can start selling online fast.
UNA CMS is an all-in-one community management system that helps you customize self-hosted, independent social networks.
Dropppin lets you collect authentic user-generated content from customers and reward them for it, boosting your brand engagement.
Publytics gives you accurate, real-time metrics about your web traffic on an intuitive layout, all without violating any privacy laws.
LogicBalls is an AI writing assistant that helps you generate unlimited content for different channels, all while maintaining your brand voice.
Popmii Factory helps you create immersive 3D and augmented reality (AR) experiences that you can integrate into all your marketing.
KWHero uses AI to find high-intent SEO keywords, analyze competitors, and craft perfectly optimized content that ranks high on Google.
Feedspace is a feedback platform that lets you collect audio, video, and text testimonials to build trust and grow a user-centered brand.
Outboundly is an email outreach platform that helps you personalize cold emails, boost deliverability, and streamline communication.
Wity helps you unlock the full potential of your ideas and create engaging content effortlessly.
ReachInbox helps you scale cold email outreach with unlimited warm-ups, tailored sequences, workspaces, and a centralized inbox.
Whelm is a platform designed to help freelancers simplify client feedback, invoicing, contracts, and project management.
Empiraa is an easy-to-use business planning and execution tool that helps turn your static plans into action steps.
Storez is an ecommerce platform that lets content creators make, manage, and monetize digital products in minutes—no coding required!
OneTake is a video editing tool that uses AI to transform raw footage into polished presentations in a single click.
DivMagic is your ultimate solution for streamlined web development and design.
SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that combines business essentials into a pre-integrated, white-label-ready platform.
Followr is the ultimate solution for seamless social media management and content creation.
FullStro is an end-to-end fulfillment solution for sellers to manage inventory and track sales.
OVTLYR is an AI stock trading assistant that helps you invest confidently and stay one step ahead of the market.
Jupitrr is an AI-powered video maker that lets you generate stock footage and captions with a single click.
Partnero is a partnership management platform that helps businesses boost revenue sustainably with customized partner programs.
AroundDeal is the leading platform for sales and marketing intelligence and automation.
Guidejar is a versatile SaaS platform designed to simplify the process of creating interactive product demos, guides, and tutorials.
Odin is a productivity tool powered by GPT-4 that helps you generate content, research contextually, and collaborate with your team.
Boost.Space is a data centralization platform that supercharges your business, organizing your data that is scattered all over, into a central database that works as a great starting point for effective teamwork, cross-platform automation and integration across 1,100 (and growing) software tools.

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