LTDHUB Lifetime Deal: Edit, record, host, and stream videos

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Video Editing & Live Streaming Platform

Live Streaming Studio, Video Editor, Thumbnail Maker, Video Hosting, Video Recording, and Stock Library combined in one platform.



All Streamer Plan Features
All Creator Plan Features
All Animatron Studio Pro Plan Features
Basic guest permissions
4 hours streaming pre-recorded video
2 cameras and 3 shares per guest



All Streamer Plan Features
All Business Plan Features
All Animatron Business Plan Features
Advanced guest permissions
12 hours streaming pre-recorded video
4 cameras and 4 shares per guest


  • Create amazing videos with a powerful video editor and its AI-based tools
  • Record, edit, multistream, and store brand-related video content in one platform
  • Add auto-generated voiceover in 24 languages to any video, including ready-made templates
  • Access hundreds of templates, 200+ million media assets, speedy video hosting, plus an automatic captioning toolkit
  • Best for: Marketers, agencies, and businesses looking to add pro videos to their campaigns for more effective outcomes
  • Alternative to: Vimeo, Animoto, InVideo, StreamYard, Vimeo


This product is solid. Very easy to use video editor with lots of templates!

You can add your fonts so you can make localized videos for local businesses in any language.


Character still need to be improved.

Need built-in SSL in custom domain.

Need team members adding option.


Edit, record, multistream, and host videos from a powerful all-in-one platform

You shouldn't have to master dozens of complicated tools in order to bring your video ideas to life. ("I've got my MFA in Adobe, my Ph.D. in Premiere Pro, and everything else I'm BS-ing.")

Good thing there’s, your one-stop platform for recording, editing, streaming, and hosting content.

Making waves:

  • Elevate your video production with's text animations, audio-editing, and multi-language AI-powered voiceovers.
  • Quickly create thumbnails, GIFs, and overlays that keep viewers glued to the screen.
  • Share your content everywhere with personalized landing pages, video embed codes, and secure video hosting.

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