Know everything Google knows

And deal with it.

If you want access to more enterprise level SERP data than any tool has ever offered, you've come to the right place. SEO data nerds drool over our Google keyword rank tracker tool.


Brand Tracking & Monitoring

With other SERP tracking tools, you are tied to a single domain, but with Nozzle, you can track as many search engine rank positions as you want. We make this easy by using Brands, Properties, and URLs instead of single domains. If that's not enough, we even let you build custom rules to get as specific as you want! These features allow Nozzle to perform powerful competitive analysis between other brands, individual properties, and even URLs.

Competitive Analysis

As opposed to tracking individual domains, tracking brands makes it easy to monitor their every move. You can do this by brand, property or even URL to get aggregated or detailed comparisons as needed.

Don't know who your competitors are? Just take a look at our share-of-voice dashboard to immediately detect unknown competitors by Domain, Subdomain, and URL. If you like what you see, add them as a named competitor and we will rewrite all of your historical data to include your newfound competition! It's like having a time machine!

Flexible Scheduling

Not all keywords are created equal. Thankfully, Nozzle is the first and only search engine position tool to offer flexible and real-time schedules. Instead of forcing you to pay the same price to track your long-tail keywords as your head terms, Nozzle lets you split your keywords into as many different scheduling buckets as you want.

A Data Junkie's Paradise

CSV, SQL, API and BigQuery

Whether your thing is pivot tables or SQL JOIN's, you can access your data the way you're used to. Even better, we keep all your data forever, including the raw html. Consider it necessary tooling when dealing with millions of keywords. Nozzle truly is an online keyword rank tracker tool built for the ages.



One Time Purchase

All Basic Plan Features

5,000 keyword pulls per month


One Time Purchase

All Basic Plan Features

10,000 keyword pulls per month


One Time Purchase

All Advanced Plan Features

21,000 keyword pulls per month


Nozzle is a full search engine results page (SERP) monitoring tool that gives you access to all the data for every keyword relevant to your brand.

I have used some SERP ranking/tracking tools. Nozzle seemed like an expensive tool, so I was hesitant to purchase it. But it's actually compulsory for any SEO company who wants help their business thrive. Nozzle is the most informative research tool for keyword, SERP, and competitor analysis. Nozzle Lifetime Deal is really a great offer for local companies or agencies. Don't miss it!



This is the offer from an established company and founder is well-known in SEO field.

Nozzle gives you their entire package and does not hold anything back as far as features.

It has unlimited brand/competitor tracking.


No CNAME for agency.

No Bing (it's default search engine for all Windows devices and OS).

There is a big learning to understand the tool.