Let Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and TikTok communicate with your CRM

We offer over 380 different marketing integrations and custom solutions tailor-made to your needs. Whatever you need, our experts are ready to make it happen.

Lifetime access to LeadsBridge

400 leads per month

10 multiusers

2 bridges

Unlimited ad accounts

300+ integrations

Facebook and Instagram lead ads

LinkedIn lead generation

Google ads

YouTube lead form extensions

TikTok lead generation

Auto-failure resync

Alerting and debugging


  • Migrate your leads across 380+ marketing tools without manually uploading spreadsheets
  • Alternative to: Zapier
  • Automate your email outreach for new leads
  • Best for: Agencies, marketers, and sales teams that want to automate lead data transfers between tools in their sales funnels


LeadsBridge is an etablished tool.

Multiple advertising platforms included


Not crazy limits but more than a fair deal for the price.

Setup can be confusing


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