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If you're looking for information on the Hexospark Lifetime Deal and Review, you've come to the right place. The Hexospark Lifetime Deal was launched on AppSumo with a significant discount, and in this post, we'll share all the details of the deal. We'll cover what the lifetime deal entails, what features are included, and whether or not we think it's worth taking advantage of. By the end of this post, you'll have everything you need to know about the Hexospark Lifetime Deal so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for you.

Personalized email outreach at scale, made easy

Join 11 million users who design and make infographicspresentations, and videos with just a few clicks.

Say goodbye to empty sales pipelines and low reply rates

Email + CRM + Unified Inbox for effortless sales growth

Increase your team's productivity by staying focused. Use one centralized platform to convert cold leads into clients. Add new leads from anywhere, manage unlimited contacts with the built-in CRM, send personalized emails at scale, automate smart follow-ups, and access all replies via a Unified inbox.

Find unlimited leads from LinkedIn

Easily capture leads and create compelling emails with the Hexospark browser extension. Import leads to CRM and launch email campaigns with just 1 click. Generate personalized icebreakers using up-to-date profile information. Expand your network with top-quality industry data. Access validated email discovery to ensure your emails land in the inbox.

Nurture unlimited contacts in your CRM

Track leads, notes, and communications with an all-in-one CRM. Import leads, save documents and contracts, access email and activity history, and manage your sales pipeline to grow your sales.

1-1 Personalization at scale

Create personalized emails at scale with customized lead data, personal icebreakers, and custom variables. Rotate email accounts within campaigns and track engagement stats for improved campaign performance.

Automate follow-ups

Automate and personalize follow-ups to save time. Schedule follow-ups at different intervals and create sequences based on lead interaction. Seamlessly take over when leads respond. Access a library of email templates. Cloud-based cold email and outreach software.

Unified inbox for all your campaigns

Easily manage all your email replies from multiple accounts in one place. No need to log into different accounts. Focus on new messages or access all emails. Collaborate with your team to respond in real-time. Use pre-written responses to reply faster. Customize workspace and team settings as needed.




1 Email inbox

1GB Account storage

Unlimited contacts

Unlimited emails

Built-in CRM

Unified inbox

Image personalization

Capture leads from Linkedin (requires browser extension)




All the benefits of Solo, plus

5 Email inboxes

5 GB Account storage

1+4 Team seats (5 total users)

2 Workspaces




All the benefits of Solo, plus

10 Email inboxes

10 GB Account storage

1+8 Team seats (9 total users)

3 Workspaces




All the benefits of Solo, plus

20 Email inboxes

20 GB Account storage

1+16 Team seats (17 total users)

5 Workspaces


  • Nurture unlimited leads from prospect to client using the built-in CRM and unified inbox
  • Import leads to your CRM or tap into LinkedIn, and schedule personal emails in seconds at scale
  • Best for Marketing agencies, Sales managers, Small businesses
  • Alternative to Lemlist, SalesHandy

Hexospark is an email and CRM platform that simplifies email outreach by allowing users to send personalized, 1:1 emails to leads at scale from a unified inbox. The platform provides an overview of email campaign stats and helps manage leads from prospecting to post-purchase. The built-in CRM allows for easy contact management and personalized icebreakers based on profile data. Hexospark also enables the scheduling of follow-ups and provides access to an email template library for inspiration. With Hexospark, users can send effective personalized outreach emails at scale while keeping everything organized.


Hexospark is from Hexowatch, Hexometer, Hexomatic & Hexofy team.

Hexospark can find email from any website and specially on Linkedin.


Most of their features are on their roadmap.

Some frustrating UX problems.


Looking for alternatives or similar lifetime deals to HEXOSPARK? HEXOSPARK could be categorized as SALES ENGAGEMENT SOFTWARE. Sales engagement software streamlines the sales process through integrations with sales communication channels and tools, management of sales messaging and materials, and automation of tasks, messages and workflows. We have compiled a list of alternatives and similar lifetime deals to HEXOSPARK. Browse options below.


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