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Save time Managing & Targeting your Twitter Audience. Just sign up, set up, and let the Twitter universe come right back around to you. #LoveTwitter 💟
Advanced security. SPAM PROTECTION. Complete privacy.

Lifetime access to BTweeps Starter Plan

1 Admin Dashboard

Target, follow-back, unfollow

25,000 Actions per month

Connect unlimited Twitter accounts

Brand New: Audience Filters

Dedicated support

Dedicated cross promotion on Twitter

Stack 1 additional code: Upgrade to the Pro Plan -60,000 actions per month, split actions in multiple admin dashboards,

cont. reselling privilege, priority support

Stack 2 additional codes: Upgrade to Business Plan -100,000 actions per month, split actions in multiple admin dashboards

cont. reselling privilege, priority support, partner privilege


  • Save time managing & targeting your Twitter audience
  • Our in-build notifications & automation technology will take good care of you and your Twitter growth needs
  • All your Twitter growth management at one single dashboard
  • Built in cooperation with Twitter API, and in sync with it’s T&C, usage, privacy, spam, security policies & best practices

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