Maximize Your Productivity

Rize is a smart time tracker that improves your focus and helps you build better work habits.

Lifetime access to RIZE

Your Personal Productivity Tracker

Unlimited hours tracked

Daily focus, break, and meeting scores

Customizable categories

Smart break notifications

Focus interrupters and context-switching metrics

Meeting categorization

Automated tracking hours

Daily email report

Work hours metrics and notifications

Google Calendar integration


  • It helps you be more in control of your workday and builds better habits by encouraging you to be more focused.
  • We built Rize with a philosophy similar to Cal Newport’s view on productivity—that the value of deep work is becoming both increasingly valuable and rare in our world.
  • To cultivate deep work, we need to understand how our habits affect how much time and attention we spend on tasks. Only then can we begin to change and improve ourselves.


Super clean & minimalist UI

Support is responsive


Can't edit nor delete categories

Need possibility to tag even a particular URL.


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