Business Intelligence & Data Analytics for the modern web

Directly connect to 80+ online data sources, get the metrics you need and build live dashboards and automations. No code required.

Introducing Gyana

Gyana is a no-code data platform designed for 2021. Business intelligence, data analytics and reporting in a single visual interface. Built on web, for the web

Automate your work

Turn manual processes in automated workflows. Schedule periodic updates and build-reusable templates.

Connect to the web

Build a single data store for your business apps, marketing tools, databases and custom APIs. Always up to date.

Pay for what you use

Our transparent pricing model scales with data usage, not users. Because you shouldn't have to pay to collaborate.

Empower your team

Turn ad hoc requests into repeatable solutions you can hand off to your team. Decentralize your expertise.

Scale beyond your computer

Gyana works in cloud, not your local machine. No need to worry about spreadsheet row limits or overheated laptops.

Manage your clients

Assign separate clients to isolated workspaces. Share unique links to your reports with custom branding and your domain.

Designed for data builders

Good data is the secret to success in the digital world. From entrepreneurs to agencies, Gyana gives you the power to take control of your business.


Build custom PPC, organic and social dashboards and manage all your clients in one place.


Monitor all your user actions into a single funnel and optimize your growth flywheel.


Map the online purchasing journey and understand acquisition, CAC and LTV.


Turn your custom analysis workflows into repeatable solutions to accelerate your work.

Gyana Lifetime Plan $59

1 million rows of data and 10,000 credits

Unlimited views

Unlimited users

Stack 1 additional code: 2M rows + 20,000 credits + 3 CNAMEs + 5 subaccounts

Stack 2 additional codes: 3M rows + 30,000 credits + 6 CNAMEs + 10 subaccounts + White-labeling

Stack 3 additional codes: 5M rows + 40,000 credits + 10 CNAMEs + 25 subaccounts + White-labeling

Stack 4 additional codes: 10M rows + 50,000 credits + 25 CNAMEs + Unlimited subaccounts + White-labeling


  • Build live, customizable dashboards from 37 data sources in minutes
  • Alternative to: Google DataStudio
  • Work with data in a no-code visual editor to calculate metrics and automate analysis
  • Best for: Sales teams, marketers, and agencies looking to track metrics, automate workflows, and share reports with clients


The company has millions in funding.

Lots of integrations with different platforms to pull your data from. The ability to visualize and analysis very data quickly.


Need more examples of hypothetical situations where Gyana is solving a particular problem. 

The formulas look almost too powerful, but we need better training on using them. 


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